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Friday, August 31, 2012

Time for a Blogthing

The truth:  I am an iced coffee nut.  9 times out of 10, it's Dunkin' Donuts! There is no question that I need this coffee! If you don't believe it, find me on a day where I haven't had any! [
You Are a Zippy Iced Coffee
You are energetic, modern, and a total risk taker.
You treat coffee as a quick way to get caffeine, and you're not about to slow down for a warm cup of it.

Of all the coffee drinkers, you are the most experimental. You have no problem trying out a new coffee shop or flavor.
You love caffeine, but you don't need it. You have enough get up and go on your own.


Marion said...


You are hard working, hard coffee drinking, and very efficient.
Let's be honest - you don't have the time for a fluffy sugary coffee drink.

You are a straight shooter, and you never hesitate to tell it like it is... with no sugar coating. You don't mind paying a lot for quality - because you never buy what you don't need.


I drink Starbuck's Espresso Roast which I grind and make at home. Yep, that's me. LOL! Have a super good weekend, Q!!! xoxo

Kelly said...


You like to take good care of yourself. You believe that you deserve to be pampered.

You don't deny yourself much. You know if you don't treat yourself, no one else will.

You tend to savor your morning coffee routine. You take your time with your latte.

Plain old black coffee just wouldn't be the same. The latte is about so much more than the caffeine for you!

I picked latte just because my Starbucks drink of choice is a cinnamone dolce latte these days....when I'm in a town with a Starbucks. (we don't have one, though we're about to get a P.J.s) I only drink coffee when I'm on trips, etc. At home it's tea. (black, for the caffeine)

Kelly said...

Since tea really is my preffered drink, I went back and tried that choice:


You definitely march to the beat of your own drum, and you don't succumb to peer pressure.

You enjoy doing your own thing - and this means having your own unique tastes and preferences.

You are confident and calm. You tend to find other people annoying, especially when they want to tell you what to do.

Just because everyone else is doing something, it doesn't mean you want to do it. And you're okay with that.

Kelly said...

Ugh. I spelled things wrong in BOTH of my comments!

Serena said...

I actually drink dark roast coffee with some half 'n half in it. I don't like frothy coffees and espresso is too strong for me, so I chose Black Coffee, which the Internet Shrink says:

You are low maintenance, humble, and true to yourself.
It's hard for you to get excited about the great next new thing, because it's usually not that new or that great.

You are logical and responsible. You do what needs to be done, and you don't get swept away by your emotions.
You think it's important to be reliable. You wish people were as steady as you are.


Dang, it took me 4 tries to read and type in the Word Verification!