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Saturday, August 25, 2012

CALM BEFORE THE STORM...Tampa 8/25/2012

We're living in the calm before the storm here in Tampa... actually the calm(S) before the storm(S).

It's a beautiful day here, but we are severely waterlogged in Tampa... in a summer where we have seen torrents of rain all summer, and slogged thru Tropical Storm Debby (where some areas got 22 inches in 2 days), we are in a flood watch already.

Along comes Isaac. 

First predicted to be parallel with Tampa, off the coast at 2 a.m. Monday morning.  It has now slowed down, looking to reach hurricane status and affecting the keys and the lower east/west coast of Florida, it looks like it will take until 2 a.m. Tuesday to reach us.  Actually, as of right now, the Keys and Southern Florida, along with the Pensacola area are in more danger than we are....but these forecasts, 2-3 days out, change imperceptibly and put the target on the back of different regions momentarily.

One thing is for sure, we are certain to get some sort of a soaking deluge.  And, given our waterlogged status, that is not good.  Water, bread and batteries in place, (along with fresh vegetables and cheese which will last thru at least 24-48 hours before spoiling).. I am prepared to hunker down. 

Our second calm comes as the delegates, press, hanger-on and potential terrorists (?) arrive in Tampa, prepared to party on down next week at the RNC convention.  This week, those who don't follow politics or events, got treated to a look at the high fencing surrounding the convention venues.  They got to watch and see the 3 hotels that are booked fully by FBI and Secret Service.  They learned that if police from other counties signed up to work the convention are needed to cope with the aftermath of the storm, that the governor is prepared to call out the National Guard for the convention.  They learned that there is a ban in mileage for all watercraft from the bridges surrounding us... to try to prevent someone from blowing them up.  They sobered at the knowledge that two school buses were stolen from a lot.... a potential firebombing strategy to send into the RNC zone, packed with explosives.

Finally, these damn local people started to cope with how scary it feels to host an event like this.  Most of them don't remember Chicago in the 60's. 

I have vowed to spend my week elsewhere, but it didn't work out.  So next week, I will be one of those who will wonder how to get to work, now that most of the highways into the city are closed.  I'm lucky, I live in the north, I don't have to go "down there".  Speaking of "down there", the center city is right on the water, both the bay and the swollen Hillsborough river.    Most structures stand about 6 inches above sea level.

It was an incredibly bad choice.... not so much if the convention was in the spring, but in the middle of the storm prone summer.  Ooh baby. 

Wish us luck.

PS, catch my "Olympics Hermit" update below.  I was able to add pictures of the sport I loved the most. 


Algernon said...

Be safe.

Kelly said...

I've been thinking about you!!

Marion said...

I hope the storm misses you and us, although I don't think it's headed for Louisiana. xoxo

Serena said...

For goodness sake, be careful! It's a big storm and they don't seem to be too sure exactly what path it might take. Watch out for those Republicans, too.:)

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are all right, and Marion as well.
And I appreciated the Olympic pictures which you have added to your previous post. Raven