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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night!

Following a long time custom that is in my genes (my parents were political junkies, too).  I watch the election, live texting to friends as needed.  While I await returns and watch endless coverage, I'm nervous, so I made some lists... kinda in the vein of Kelly's "Favorite 5"...

Check out how my brain works:

5 Heroines Tonight

1.Tammy Duckworth - Illinois US Congress

     Check out her bio sometime.  Amazing woman.  And, she takes deadbeat dad Joe Walsh out. 

2.Tammy Baldwin - Wisconsin US Senate

     Another Tammy!  Openly gay... would be the first openly gay woman in the Senate.  Opposed the   
    Iraq war in 2002, co-sponsored the bills to impeach Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales

3.  Elizabeth Warren - Massachusetts US Senate

     Defender of the consumer.  Wall St. Foe.  "Nuff said.

4.  Claire McCaskill - Missouri returning US Senator

     Conservative Democrat... not enough to the right for most in Missouri.  Running against the
     delightful mess that is Todd Akin.  If Missouri elects Akin, the state should secede.  They are not
     living in the same place and time as the rest of us. 

5.  Heidi Heitcamp - North Dakota US Senator

     Amazing woman, met her in collegem, worthy successor to Byron Dorgan.  A woman elected in
     ND?   Breast cancer survivor, champion of the EPA.

5 of this year's crop of villains (no need to give reasons)

Alan West - US Congress  could lose tonight
Richard Mourdock - US Senate  could lose tonight
Todd Akin   - Jailbird.  Throwback to an earlier century. ... could lose tonight
Paul Ryan - Good friend to Todd Akin.  Be very afraid if he wins tonight.  Dan Quayle looking good
Connie Mack - Florida idiot... too much to say.  Already the race called against him

5 Things if Romney Wins... I'll Get Over IT.  But these are my earliest fears:

1.  EPA Closed down
2.  Planned Parenthood Defunded, Govn't determines if hormonal birth control is legal
3.  Robert Bork selects the successor to SCJudge Ruth Bader Ginsberg
4.  Kids with pre-existing conditions and sons/daughters from 18-26 lose healthcare
5.  Neocons again get their finger on the "war button".  Torture is restored.

Best news commentator on politics for election:        Steve Schmidt.  That's right, Republican
    Steve Schmidt, former campaign manager for John McCain. 

Best single happening:    Michelle Bachmann is never heard from again

Number of iced coffees today, so that I can watch the whole thing:    1 large, 2 medium


Algernon said...

The one result I really feel happy about tonight is Elizabeth Warren joining the United States Senate. I think she will be outstanding.

quid said...

Well, the iced coffee was great. I lasted til 3 a.m. and woke up for more at 5:20 a.m.

Heidi looks like she's gonna win. If so, all my faves won, my villains all look vanquished.

No need to worry about the fears for now. Can concentrate on the jobs act, defeating the fiscal cliff, comprehensive immigration reform.

Sigh. Michelle Bachmann will continue to contribute her form of gangrene to the political landscape. Can't win them all.