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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hold on to your soap opera... don't touch that dial! 

This newest scandal is just a head shaker.  Anthony Weiner, retire your gold medal, the general will end up being the prime successor to the now decade+ denouement of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

6 months ago, General David Petraeus woke up and smiled after having another dream about his road to the presidency.  Schwartzkopf and Colin Powell be damned, Petraeus could go from CIA to Defense Secretary, to Vice President to the surprise.  Perhaps Secretary of State to the top job.  No amount of high climbing was too much for the conservative general who could seemingly do no wrong.

About 3 weeks ago (maybe longer) those dreams changed and Petraeus began to wake up in cold sweats, his nightmares of divorce court, assignations, emails, hedonistic pleasures.... all covered by the extreme pressure that leading a double life creates... exploded each and every day.  Like most caught out, Petraeus never dreamed that the seamy details would come out, each and every one.  That the voracious press, once made aware, would plumb the depths.

And now, Icarus (as the comparison was drawn by Maureen Dowd) no longer flies so close to the sun.  And another idol proves to have clay feet.  Tsk. 


Kelly said...

I think you described it exactly right. I find myself just shaking my head when I hear about this. Sheesh!

Serena said...

Lord love a duck, all you can do is shake your head and wonder what the heck he was thinking. Geez!

Debby said...

I will never understand why men in positions of power feel the need to indulge in such risky behavior. Is sex really that important, so important that you are willing to give up everything, including your own honor? Jeopardize your marriage? Turn yourself into a cartoonish figure pursued by cameras and news crews?