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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arkansas, Arkansas, tsk, tsk

Arkansas overrode their governor's veto of a ban on all abortions after 12 weeks.  This is the most restrictive law in the nation.   Clearly, the new law is unconstitutional, or perhaps that's just my opinion, until the injunction.   The legislators were aware, and were aware that the ACLU will lead the suit to block the law.  The injunction should come at once, as soon as papers are signed, and the law will be in limbo until the court fight is over. 

Arkansas can join the state of Oklahoma (state court, State Supreme court, now going to the US Supremes),  Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina in spending the state's money for lawsuits. 

Colorado, California, South Dakota, Oregon and Mississippi saved some money by passing their own restrictions and letting them be overturned by the voters.  It only cost the money for the elections (some of these states have voted "no" 2 or 3 times).  Still, better than a lawsuit.

Altho Florida has shied away, we are still waiting for the lawsuit tab on the state's law that was going to force welfare recipients to pee in a cup.  Florida does not understand the concept of "reasonable suspicion".   $46,000 was spent on the drug tests in the month and a half the law survived before a federal court declared it unconstitutional.   108 people (of 4,100 were caught).  So we spent about $450 per person to catch them.  Oh, wait.... without lawsuit expenses.  We have not gotten the info needed on how much the lawsuit cost us.   Several states are trying to enact this law right now.  Makes sense, no?

Life is good when we spend money on "laws" that are so invasive to privacy that the state legislators are either voted down by the voters or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars going to court to have the law overturned.

An example of "small government" efforts in some of our redder states.  We don't want to regulate corporations, but we feel it is our duty to overturn civil rights in a person's individual healthcare decisions or to take their bodily fluids.  :)


Kelly said...

I saw that on Twitter yesterday. Front page in my local paper today, too.

Marion said...

May the other 49 states follow suit or ban it altogether. There's more than enough birth control in this country to prevent pregnancy without having to kill the most helpless among us. :-(