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Saturday, March 23, 2013

If it's March, it's Madness!


Lots of 12 seed upsets, and Oregon looks like its for real.   Michigan and Mich State are also looking pretty fearsome. 

Looking forward to my fave Florida Gators to beat Minny sota.

Here's a great link to Bleacher report, they have some great slides of the highlights so far.  Catch up!


Kelly said...

What? You favor your current state over your birth state? ;)

quid said...

I do. Scandalous, is it not? I have moved my loyalties as I've moved around the country. Been a Vikings-Bills-Patriots-Bucs fan.

I'm still pretty taken with Connecticut basketball tho. The men's team didn't show this year.

Marion said...

I was talking to Mama last week and she was cussing March Madness because it interfered with her soap operas. LOL! I hope your team won. xo

Debby said...

It's April, Quid, and it has been for a week. Shake off your basketball hangover and write us something!