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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Closing Time

I get tired of things closing.

Two months ago, my favorite Thai food joint.   Last month, the little Italian bakery in the area where I worked.

Then, just heard one of the truly elegant venues for live music in St. Pete, the venerable "Dave's Aqua Lounge"... a dive bar of the highest standing.   Sigh.  Breathed its last. 

Not a lot of unique places I love to haunt in the Bay Area any more.  Not recession proof.   Plenty of chain resturants, naturally.  Still, I can get tickets to the Bucs games (because no one else wants to see them) and tickets to the USF Bulls games (because no one else wants to see them; bad football juju in the TB area).

But, I can go to 3-4 days of the Clearwater Jazz Festival this weekend.   And see Tower of Power.   And Amos Lee.   And Brandi Carlisle.  That'll do. 



Kelly said...

I'll bet your chain restaurants are a step above mine (think, McDonald's, etc.).

Sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up!

Hal Johnson said...

Lots of closings in our area in the last few years. It's sad. Dylan's favorite seafood restaurant in town closed last year, and when that happens, you realize that the person behind the counter that you've had glancing conversations with over the years has more weight in your life than you realized.

Serena said...

I hate to see places closing all around me, too. It's a sign of the times, I think, and it's sad. It does sound as though you still have a few fun things to do, so do go and enjoy them!:)

Debby said...

You know, it looks like my friend's blog is closing down too. (hint, hint)

Debby said...

Are you on facebook at all, Quid?