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Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Freshmen???

When is the last time 5 freshmen looked this good during March Madness??   I despair.   KY wiped out Louisville last night to my chagrin.   My chagrin was mostly due to the fact that I didn't even have KY in the Elite 8.   But my final 4 (Florida, Arizona, MSU and Louisville) were all in there. 

Going into the Elite playoff on Thursday, I was in pretty good shape with 13 of the 16 teams (in addition to KY, I didn't have the remarkable Dayton, nor Tennessee).   Two days of bball later and I am down to 5 of the 8 teams, with only Arizona and Wisconsin playing off... two of my picks.  I now have one of my final 4 teams wiped out with the demise of Louisville at the hands of these 5 frosh.

Despite the fact that I want Florida to win the tourney, I actually picked MSU as the winner in my betting pool.  I'm doing pretty well there, but that pick might lead to my demise.   All 6 other participants have Florida.  It was not a good time to be contrary. 

More power to KY, they've given us some great basketball.    On to Saturday!!!!!!!


Bob said...

I continue with my dismal record in the brackets. Dayton?! Seriously?

quid said...

Punked out on the finals. Nevertheless, great to see my old team, UConn, come away with two victories!