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Saturday, March 29, 2014

This year's early "Voice"

Feel free to listen to the songs and then tune out the patter from those judges.... I do when I watch on DVR!

My early favorite to win "The Voice" this year

38 years old and just getting his first big break.  What a fantastic song.   Makes me remember what great moments George Michael had in music.

And, she won't win, but she's gonna give a lot of people in the audience great memories this year, singing Aretha in her audition:

I can't miss this show.   So many great people performing and learning. 


Kelly said...

This is a show I've not let myself get involved in. I'm glad you introduced me to The Taste, though.

Serena said...

They really do have a wealth of talent this season. I don't really have an early favorite yet. I'll wait 'til the playoffs, see who makes it through, and then get serious about whom to root for.:)