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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Past - Due Post of Poetry

Note:  I have fallen away somewhat, as I do from time to time, from the language and the kiss of poetry.   I keep up with Maya Stein and have her posts sent to my email box, and also continue to enjoy the poetry blog, "rooted" by Indian poet Gautami Tripathy (you can find it in my links below).  I had really missed out on National Poetry Month, and did go back on 4/30, to close out the month with one of her poems that had buried itself in my brain.   Coming back to blogger today, I realized I had kept it in draft and had never fininshed the post.   So, here it is, belatedly:

Hanging from the Buckle to Dance

I have nailed a buckle or two on the wall
and hang my poems on those.

I have heard my poems humming songs,
with much dignity and grace.
I take the visions in my stride.
when my muse goes to sleep
I do not miss it.
I take down one of the poems,
rearrange the words to gain a new one
my buckle too gets heavy

                                        ~from the "rooted" blog, G. Tripathy

1 comment:

Kelly said...

This is lovely.

Poetry is something I dip into very sporadically. Lately I've been sampling the work from Mama Zen's latest collaboration. It's titled "Three-Note Howl: The Wild Hunt". There are some wonderful poems in it.