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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Will the real Sxxxxxx Cxxxxxx please stand up???

Fallon is a favorite of mine, and while I don't watch the 11:30 (EST) shows very much, he's a breath of fresh ADD type air after the laid back Leno.

But today's announcement of Letterman's replacement even topped Fallon...yes, the frenetic Stephen Colbert will be facing off with Fallon in the not too distant future.

Many people think that Stephen Colbert IS the character he plays on Comedy Central.   They are in for a treat because Colbert has been trapped in his character and he is really a much more versatile..but still full of ENERGY guy.

Torches passed. 


Kelly said...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit I quit watching late night TV when Johnny Carson retired! It's kind of like SNL....I only watched that the first few years it was on. (the "glory days" of Aykroyd, Chase, Belushi, Radner, etc.) Today's line up (or even yesterday's) just doesn't appeal to me. I like Jimmy Fallon, but not enough to sit up and watch. Maybe not in the same category, but I'll sometimes stick around for Andy Cohen's WWHL after Top Chef.

Marion said...

I don't even know who this guy is. Probably another republican basher. I wanted Craig Ferguson to get the spot and I'm royally pissed that he didn't. Nobody I know even KNOWS who this jerk is. No fair. I'm gonna miss Dave!! xo

Bob said...

I don't stay up often to watch either but thanks to On Demand, I can catch Fallon occasionally. Have been a fan of his a long time and I think he'll have a long run on The Tonight Show if he wants it.