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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wow it is hot and humid in Florida this summer.   And now, halfway through the month where football starts ( :) )  it was 95 degrees right before today's Bucs game.  Which we won't talk about.   We have rain every day.  My lawn is lush and green and I don't think the sprinklers have been on more than 2-3 days this summer.  We have had some spectacular lightning and thunder and not a sign of hurricane.   There have been better summers, and there have been worse.   But, like most years, I am melting into a little puddle and can't wait for the real autumn.  Today I actually got my satisfaction from a good chat with an RN candidate from Massena, NY...right up on top of the Canadian border.   It was 57 degrees there.   I can only wish. 


Marion said...

Same weather here. :-) I'm loving the afternoon storms and the no hurricane part. We had two cooler days last week as a tease, but the heat and humidity are back. Here's to Autumn...officially arriving in less than a week. xo

Kelly said...

Overall, I really can't complain about this summer. It's been cooler (meaning 90s and no triple digits, highly unusual) and we've gotten enough rain that the pasture is still good and the yard is still green. I'll admit the past month or so has been exceptionally humid, but that just goes with the territory.

Let's all hope the hurricanes stay away this year!

Bob said...

We flew to Dallas last Sat to see our son and DIL. I had on shorts and a polo shirt and we were going straight to a baseball game (of course) when we landed. I had to change clothes in the airport! Not complaining one bit - but was caught completely unprepared for that little nip of fall. Hope you feel it soon too.