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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Radisson group..... staring into the face of entitled athletes. And Not Blinking.

Spielman....craven GM of the team I used to love, the Minnesota Vikings, got the task of telling the world that the Vikings are once again going to play Adrian Peterson, despite the child abuse charges pending in TX against the football-star-pretend-daddy.

Note the wallpaper behind him.... a press banner.   It features the "Radisson" chain as the sponsor.  Radisson hotels are owned by a former alma mater of mine, Carlson industries.   Very, very big in Minnesota.   Imagine tuning in and seeing your name splashed behind a guy who is putting football star idolatry and $$$$ in front of common decency.   This just in.   Radisson is suspending sponsorship of the Vikings for further review.  Let's hope other sponsors join.   Because until the NFL gets beaten in the pocketbook, they will do just as they please to protect their stars.

In suspending Peterson, the Vikings were NOT following their own precedents. 

The Vikings sat out lesser stars.   Last year they dropped AJ Jefferson one day after a domestic abuse incident.   And they cut Caleb King on the practice squad in 2012 when he was jailed for fighting and causing a man serious injury.   Most famously, they sat out Chris Cook in 2011 for 10 games.   Cook was aquitted and went on to play 2 more years in Minnesota before going to SF. 

But after a single, horrific loss without the star, the Vikings decided to renege. They decided to follow the "innocent until proved guilty" line for Peterson, even AFTER seeing the horrific pictures of the cuts on the boys legs and torso.   A 4 year old.  Yeah.  His daddy will show him how to behave.

Peterson is rumored to have fathered 5-7 children with different mommas.   One of his children was beaten to death last year by the boyfriend of said momma.   The league mourned with Peterson until they learned that Peterson did not even meet the child until he was hospitalized and died.

Adrian Peterson is a great football player and a lousy human being.   The Vikings have lost me forever.


Marion said...

Great write, girl. I am horrified at the violence that is accepted by the NFL. You're change will come
sadly, until they're hit in the pocket book. xo

Bob said...

What is up w all these NFL players??????