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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not Wanting To Act Grandma Like

Well my soon to be granddaughter, Eden Grace, is showing off all 10 fingers in the 23 week ultrasound above.  Pretty cool, huh?

Not wanting to be grandma-like, when my lease was up this week, I acquired a brand new Jetta.  My 6th.  But I didn't get it in a grandma color.   Here it is, below.

I will miss my stick shift (but not my clutch).   I went upscale this time with cornsilk leather interior, sunroof and connectivity.  It's a fun little car to drive. 


Kelly said...

I like it!! And hey, it's still 4-door, so you can easily put that car seat in the back. Leather wipes down easily, too. ;)

Marion said...

Cool car! I gave my beloved red Silverado truck to the grandson for college and I got a navy blue Equinox. MISS MY TRUCK, but love the great gas mileage on this car, and that touch screen Sirius radio & backup cam. LOL! Play the grandma thing by ear. Eden will teach you all you need to know. I spend hours on the phone with my bookaholic Mary Mace discussing books. She's mini-me and it's the brightest thing in my gloomy life. Love her name!! xo

Bob said...

Two beauties! :-)

Inchwormart said...

Blessings on your new grand-daughter. Lovely new little girl grandbaby will be born in a few weeks...her name will be Isabella. Blessings.