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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some memories

My first trip to Europe... a college charter...we landed in Copenhagen and departed from there some 5 weeks later.   I slept my first 12 hours in Copenhagen from jet lag, but then spent the day at Tivoli, where my guy and I met two great Swedes and quaffed a lot of beer with them.  We took a junket to Malmo, in Sweden, the next day, on their recommendation.   At that time, travel was by hovercraft:

Where you see the bridge drawn in used to be an intrepid junket on a boat that traveled half in and half above the water.  Still jetlagged, and feeling the effects of too much Carlsberg "Elefunt" beer, I was pretty sure I was going to big sick on the trip across the water... in this mode of transportation:

Luckily, I reached land on both legs of our journey without having to dip into the seasick bag stock.
It was in Malmo that I first admired Malmo light... leading into a lifelong love of lighthouses and lots of side trips on vacation, just to see a local lighthouse.   When I searched for my pics of Malmo light I discovered with dismay that I no longer could locate them... and offer a stock picture of what charmed me so many years ago.

What brought on all these memories?   I caught the Amazing Race episode this week and got to revisit modern day Copenhagen (so beautiful and so amazingly green and energy efficient!) and to see the bridge that replaced the hovercraft as the primary mode of transportation.   What a beautiful example of modern architecture it is:

All those memories... called up by a reality TV show!!!!


Kelly said...

What a fun post! Despite several trips to Europe (all well in the past, the most recent being 2003), I've never been to Scandinavia.

Great photos and memories!

Marion said...

I've never left the South, but oh, the places I've been through books...places not on any map. I'm a word tourist. :-) xo

Bob said...

Great photos and memories. Thanks for sharing.