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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How Can I Get So Emotional???????

Down side risk of technology.

The loss of your cellphone.   A 4 year friend, left in the women's toilet at the Arena during the finals of Women's March Madness.

                                                               The dearly departed

I didn't trust Google when I started with the phone in 2011.  I wasn't going to give them my location, my contacts, my photos.   So I didn't back them up.

And now, they are gone.  I am bereft.  Literally.   Today, a day of trying to recover, was totally sad for me.   There were one of a kind pictures I never stored anywhere else.   There are phone numbers from people who used to work with only remaining link to them.  Crummy.  

And my silly, often sentimental chains of text messages.   How I will miss them.

I have a new Galaxy 4 Notebook.  I gave up hope after 12 hours with no phone.   It is wonderful, I'm sure.   But it will take about 15 hours of downloading to recapture all my tunes from the Amazon cloud. 

So, send me a text message.   Or a photo I once sent you.  That way I can recover them. 

Silly, isn't it?  How much we value our phones.   Just possessions........

My good son decided to send me my first phone pic.  A new one, not one I have resurrected.   But it IS her first time in a chair.   Gracie....


Kelly said...

Amazing how dependent we become.

I'm glad to be back in your address book and will send the photos you've share. If they end up as duplicates sent by others, just delete...

Bob said...

This is a good lesson as I never thought about how much I would lose if I lost my phone -- photos, notes, etc. And Lord knows I don't know anyone's phone number by memory anymore!

Marion Lawless said...

I've used what I call a burner phone for years ($8 per month), but I'd go nuts without my iPad. It's just so easy & portable. I'm sorry you lost your phone. Love the pic of that gorgeous grand baby. 😍😍😍 xo

Serena said...

I completely understand your angst. Practically our whole lives are in our phones these days. Truth is, I don't know anybody's phone number any more. I depend on the phone to pull it up for me. I do, however, e-mail photos from my phone to myself so I'll have them on the computer -- just in case.

Gracie is beautiful!