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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I'm always tired at this time of the year.  I play so much spectator basketball for nearly 3 weeks, that I am exhausted and my remote control thumb is sore. 

After an ugly loss by my beloved Sconnies (also known as U Wisc Badgers) on Monday to the evil team of Duke, I needed my spirits restored.

Luckily, Elizabeth and I had tickets for the Women's Final Four in downtown Tampa.  It was a repeat of our adventure in 2008, but that year my friend Charlie was an usher and got us down from our 3rd tier perch to the "good seats" near the floor.  And, somehow, the Connecticut women lost to Stamford in the Semi-Finals.   So that adventure ended up with us listening to an awful lot (91 or 92) choruses of Rocky Top....while Tennesee took the crown.

This year, CT's Geno and Muffet of ND (aka the Evil Empire, where Duke is just Evil), bitter bitter rivals,
squared off in the title game.  CT had dominated Maryland on Sunday night, with E and I watching.   ND just squeaked by a really feisty South Carolina team. 
Our presence was justified when the CT ladies took their THIRD national title in a row, and Geno's 10th.  63-53.  That despite the bitchy woman from Notre Dame wearing a pink sweater and seated within fisticuff distance of the excitable Quid and Elizabeth.
Double and triple teamed all night, CT's star Breanna Steward dominated the boards late, but her scoring production was off by about 1/2.   The game's dominant player turned out to be Moriah Jefferson, all 5'7" of her.
My favorite 2015 Husky was in the band:
A great nite.   Women's first round will be here next year.  2019..the finals return.   Elizabeth and I may be too old to climb to the third tier of seats, we may have to splurge for the floor!!! 

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Bob said...

Geno is one of the all time greatest. You know he and Pat Summitt had a pretty public feud with each other. Don't know how much was real and how much was media hype but don't think there was much love lost there.