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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rain is over but here we are in a storm of stupidity

Last half of August in Florida is, this year, the best part of summer.   Still enough rain to water our lawns, no sprinklers, but not so much as to cause the kind of deluge and flooding we've had this summer.   Football season is starting, so I'm starting to salivate.   Work is just as frenetic as ever.  I tried to switch jobs earlier this year, and had an offer, but the counter offer to stay and a promotion was too appealing.  So I'm at peace with my decision, even though the craziness of my small health care company is sometimes too much to bear...and we have two vacancies that are tripling my workload.

Tough thing about this year is the stupidity that we Americans show the world.

     We agree with most of the world on a treaty, but wait for final vote and ratification.   Instead, our Congress takes a month long vacation.

     Despite the fires, despite the torrential rainfall... we, many of us, continue to ignore climate change and profess that man's way of life has nothing to do with how we are changing the world for the worse.

     The infrastructure crumbles.   All due to political gamesmanship on both parties part.

     Calls to make significant change to immigration, to the cost of college and the profit the government makes on the backs of student loan holders, to the lopsided dispersion of wealth in this country, the need for tax and entitlement reform,  to the errors we've made in the criminal justice system that have erupted in protest, all of it,  seemingly ignored while people spend billions to advertise a buncha politicians and entertainers that want to "lead us".  (Is it possible that what is spent on the election in a single day could feed all the hungry in this nation for a month... yes, sadly, it is.)

And then, having not exacted much change in the past years, although we have allowed the economy to recover far better than the rest of the world, the summer is spent making stupid statements about wasting money on women's healthcare (can it ever be a waste?), repealing the right of someone born in this country to have birthright citizenship, and harsh racial and ethnic rhetoric that sets people against each other.....

To the world, we look and sound, Stupid.  I hope at some time we stop this madness. 

Illustrating Stupid:


Marion Lawless said...

No, Obama & Hillary illustrate stupidity. Perfectly!!!

Kelly said...

Personally, I don't see anything (anyone) out there that excites me. I'm sorry, friend... but Hillary would be an absolute last resort for me. That said, I'm not sure who (or is that whom?) I could support on the other side. There are a couple of issues we definitely see eye to eye on (women's issues), but some of the other stuff - well, we'll just have to agree to disagree. :) If we all had the same opinions, it would be a pretty boring existence.

We just had our first rain in 45 days and oh how we needed it! A total of one inch over the past three days. Pretty meager, but I'll take it! Of course it's like a sauna out there today. (drip, sweat, drip, sweat)

Serena said...

Totally agree with everything you said. Everything is so cockeyed and bass-ackwards. Lord only knows who can turn things around; nobody I've seen so far, as far as I can tell.

Debby said...

I am not a fan of Hillary, but I am a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders. Just as I have supported our president. I guess in Marion's eyes, I'm only half stupid.

*rolls eyes*