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Saturday, September 26, 2015

I'm Jazzed

I'm not a particularly religious person.   The time I spend with my God, I spend in my car, in my home...rather than in any one church.   When the spirit moves me, I go to a church that is close to me.
So far, I think I've been in 10-12 churches in Tampa.   I'm not a congregant.  For most of my church going years, I attended the Catholic church, although I was baptized in an Eastern Orthodox following.  I despair of Catholicism.   I love its pomp and circumstance, but I find little about it connected to God.  I view it as a church of men.   With men's rules.

So it is with surprising feeling that I'm somewhat overwhelmed by Pope Francis.  For as long as he leads the church, it is possible that he will help it find its way.  He has already done so with his kindliness to the poor, the earth, the family.  I hope he will help it find its way to open to the leadership of women, to a welcoming experience for the divorced, for the gay community, for those who use contraception.

I find him humble and gracious, inspiring and a beacon of hope in such a troubled world.  I really believe he lives a life of joy as well as service.

Just one woman's opinion.


Kelly said...

He impresses and inspires me greatly. The man "walks the walk", humbly and with love. He shows one can be non-judgmental without compromising their beliefs.

Debby said...

He is a great, great man. I see him as interested in doing the work of God from a position that has seemed (to me) to be all about doing the work of the church.