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Sunday, December 6, 2015

A real appreciation for books?

My granddaughter Grace comes over and spends the day with me every Sunday.
She's a fan of the chewable Sophie the Giraffe... a much too much expensive ($20+) teether that was/is fashionable for babies.  A silly, too expensive baby item  --- that, of course, I bought for her before she was born.

We have a number of baby books we read at my house (and yes, I confess that we watch some Disney Junior as well!).   The only book that Grace finds satisfaction in chewing on is the Sophie the Giraffe book.  Each and every time she comes.   See below:

Is Grace already such an intellectual that she equates the book with the "chewable" Sophie, and so, in turn, makes this the only book she chews on?

Probably not.  But a Gramma can dream.


Marion said...

She's so beautiful!! And already a book lover!! :-) xo

Kelly said...

Of course she equates the book with the toy! :)

And the girl has great taste... books and giraffes!