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Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm back in Minnesota and there are still woodticks

Well I'm back for a visit.  I have been here less than 24 hours and I have seen, elk, buffalo, deer and a snapping turtle.

Minnesota is never dull.   A tad rural perhaps, but never dull.

The scare came when my brother and I were driving back to St. Cloud from "up north"... I had been paranoid earlier because we were going to be outside, and, as usual, I had forgotten to bring my "Off"  fogger and my Cutters lotion and I was afraid that I would run into the dreaded state bird, the mosquito.  Had that happened, I would have had one of those magnificent allergic reactions.   It didn't happen.   Too cold and a little rainy.   So, I escape without incident.

And then, in the car on the way home, my brother finds a WOODTICK on his leg.   If you don't know what woodticks do, then you never grew up in Minnesota and had one burrow into your waistline or your scalp, and have to have a doctor remove it while you took antibiotics for a full summer.

So now, I am totally paranoid.  Came home and did a thorough tick check.  Didn't find any.  But, I'm here through Monday.  Stay tuned. 

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Kelly said...

Hmmmm...guess I'm not familiar with a woodtick. We have tons of deer ticks and seed ticks, but they are just more a nuisance than anything else. (though I do watch for the "bulls eye" rash when I've been bitten.

I hope you stay insect-free and enjoy your trip!!! Keep us posted!