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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Did I Tell Y'All?????

That I'm gonna be a grandma in February?  An unplanned, unexpected surprise!
I got this card for my birthday:

I'm searching for the right, cutting edge handle for my grandmotherhood.  "Nona", the Italian version, just doesn't fit.   Nor does NeeNee or Nana.  I'm kinda partial to GMom.  Sort of a youthful grandma.
QMom?   I just don't know.  Give me your ideas!

Here's our baby girl at 12 weeks:


Marion said...

Congratulations!!!!! About time. (My oldest grand-boy started college this year so I really feel old!) LOL! You're in for buckets full of pure joy. So happy for y'all, my friend!!!! xo

Kelly said...

I think you should just stick with Quid and see what baby makes of it. As I told you, I wanted to be Grammy and she turned it into Meme herself.

I know you're excited!!